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Government Model Residential Polytechnic Etapaka P.O.Bhadrachalam

Govt Model Residential Polytechnic,Yetapaka,(Near Bhadrachalam)Near Jawahar Navodaya VidyalayaNellipaka Mandal,East Godavari Dist, AP. PIN : 533352ph:9912342067,8367799067

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Welcome to Government Model Residential Polytechnic, Yetapaka

Government Model Residential Polytechnic Yetapaka imparts its excellent education for the rural back ground students for the fulfillment of the requirements of the future society and extends its cooperation to the students to meet financial, social, and organizational defies and shape their students to be active to insert in the part of Globalization in future.
To enhance a radiant and disciplinary education for the agency back ground students and focuses on different personality development skills like interpersonal skills, leadership skills, Problem solving skills along with critical management skills after focusing on communication skills along with health and well being. To enhance confidence to mould their society in a transformative way — regionally, nationally, and globally and creates a challenging attitude and environment to survive with high potentiality

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The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the departments available from the inception of the college in 1986. The Department has qualified and experienced staff and well equipped laboratories with basic equipment required for diploma courses . The department is very active in academic and consultancy Programmes. Facilities Class Rooms :(2 Nos) of well ventilated, spacious and well furnished to accommodate 60 Students each are available. Drawing Hall :One well furnished ventilated drawing hall to accommodate 60 students is available Toilet Blocks: One Toilet block in each floor with two water closets and four urinals is provided Laboratory Facilities Department of Civil Engineering is having well equipped laboratories and sophisticated test facilities in the following disciplines. Material Testing Lab Important Equipment
  1. Compression Testing Machine
  2. Universal Testing Machine
  3. Impact Testing Machine
  4. Hardness Testing Machine
  5. Triaxial Testing Machine
Hydraulics Lab Important Equipment
  1. Small orifice
  2. Large orifice
  3. Mouth piece
  4. Bernoulli`s apparatus
  5. Venturi meter
  6. Reciprocating pump
  7. Centrifugal pump
  8. Pelton wheel
One Digital class room equipment is fixed in this lab as a additional resource to the students CAD Lab :This laboratory is fully Air Conditioned and equipped with 15 desk tops loaded with Auto Cad Software. In this lab Students used to practice preparation ofestimates of different structures using MS Excel. One Digital class room equipment is fixed in this lab as a additional resource to the students Survey Stores :The Survey lab is equipped with no.of Chains,Compass, Leveling Instruments, Theodolites etc.One certificate course on Land Survey is being conducted for unemployed youth IRG/Consultancy:The Material Testing Lab is very active in Consultancy generatingInternal Revenue to the department.Tests on materials like Cement,Bricks,Coarse aggregate,Fine aggregate,Concrete etc are conductedat reasonable price.


The ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS Engineering branch was installed right from the inception of the G.M.R.P-Yatapaka, i.e. in 1986. The Department has qualified & well experienced Faculty and fully equipped laboratories required for diploma courses. The EEE Department has produced numerous students with outstanding academic Track record who absorbed in to various prestigious Organizations so far, which includes BHEL, ECIL, and BHPV etc. The Department of Electrical & electronics Engg is also providing Industrial Training for the students of DEEE for getting acquaintance with Hands on Practice in the 6th SEMESTER DEEE as per the Curriculum. Further the DEPARTMENT is adapting the necessary reforms in course environment from one Curriculum to other Curriculum as per the guidelines of SBTET. Student Amenities: Class Rooms: Three well ventilated, spacious and well furnished Class Rooms for 60 orStudents accommodate 60 Students each are available. Drawing Hall:One well furnished ventilated drawing hall to accommodate 60 students isAvailable Toilet Blocks: One Toilet block in each floor with two water closets and four urinals is Provided. Digital and E-Class Room: A well furnished Virtual E-Class room is provided for the students to provide Live Lectures with inter active environment and more convenient form of learning.

Laboratory Facilities

Electrical Machine Laboratory:The Electrical Machine Lab is equipped with all necessary Machinery which includes both D.C and A.C Machinery with all necessary fittings and Panel Boards. Basic Electrical and Electronics Laboratory: Certain Basic learning environment is created for the I year students in this Laboratory on basic wiring systems, House hold Electrical fittings and other domestic Electric accessories and materials. EDC & Digital Electronics Laboratory: This Lab provides the practical knowledge on various Electronic Devices i.e, Semiconductor Devices and Circuits including BJTs, UJTs FETs, POWER MOSFETs etc, while the DIGITAL Lab incorporates all experimenting Blocks, CHIPS (ICs) and etc. Micro Controllers Lab: the Basic automatic control of various equipment and processes are nurtured here in this laboratory using Micro Controllers through assembly Level programming.

  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established at the inception of the Polytechnic, viz. 1986. All the laboratories of the department are established during 1988-1990.
  • Mechanical engineersare involved with the design, analysis, testing, manufacturing, control, operation, and maintenance ofmechanicalsystems.
  • Mechanical EngineeringisImportant, It deals with all aspects of the conversion of thermal energy into useful work and the machines that make this possible.

General Department deals Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English subjects for all branches of this Polytechnic. These subjects are generally common to all branches. This departments maintains all the laboratories relating to these subjects.

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Collection of materials, books or media that are accessible for use.


Formalised teaching but with the help of electronic resources.


An individual or group activity pursued for exercise or pleasure.

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Appropriate skills development, gender parity, provision of relevant school infrastructure.