The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the departments available from the inception of the college in 1986. The Department has qualified and experienced staff and well equipped laboratories with basic equipment required for diploma courses . The department is very active in academic and consultancy Programmes. Facilities Class Rooms :(2 Nos) of well ventilated, spacious and well furnished to accommodate 60 Students each are available. Drawing Hall :One well furnished ventilated drawing hall to accommodate 60 students is available Toilet Blocks: One Toilet block in each floor with two water closets and four urinals is provided Laboratory Facilities Department of Civil Engineering is having well equipped laboratories and sophisticated test facilities in the following disciplines. Material Testing Lab Important Equipment
  1. Compression Testing Machine
  2. Universal Testing Machine
  3. Impact Testing Machine
  4. Hardness Testing Machine
  5. Triaxial Testing Machine
Hydraulics Lab Important Equipment
  1. Small orifice
  2. Large orifice
  3. Mouth piece
  4. Bernoulli`s apparatus
  5. Venturi meter
  6. Reciprocating pump
  7. Centrifugal pump
  8. Pelton wheel
One Digital class room equipment is fixed in this lab as a additional resource to the students CAD Lab :This laboratory is fully Air Conditioned and equipped with 15 desk tops loaded with Auto Cad Software. In this lab Students used to practice preparation ofestimates of different structures using MS Excel. One Digital class room equipment is fixed in this lab as a additional resource to the students Survey Stores :The Survey lab is equipped with no.of Chains,Compass, Leveling Instruments, Theodolites etc.One certificate course on Land Survey is being conducted for unemployed youth IRG/Consultancy:The Material Testing Lab is very active in Consultancy generatingInternal Revenue to the department.Tests on materials like Cement,Bricks,Coarse aggregate,Fine aggregate,Concrete etc are conductedat reasonable price.

Our labs

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Material Testing Lab

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Hydraulics Lab

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Survey Stores

Our Events

District Level TECHFEST-Civil Engineering

Students attended district level TECHFEST conducted at GMR Polytechnic, Rajamahendravaram and won the district level first prize on their project Smart Roads.